Body shaping, liposuction

Plastic surgery is the most commonly used surgery in the occidental countries.

Liposuction is the most common surgery in the occidental countries like SUA and Canada. This method make possible to remove the unwanted fat deposits from specific areas on the body shaping it to the wanted dimensions. You can’t use liposuction on full body as alternatives of weight loss.

After childhood the total number of fat cells does not change much anymore, but their volume can change. By liposuctioning in the specific area the most of the fat cells are eliminated, and their number are reduced. The remaining fat cells will not multiply themselves, and they will not assimilate other new fat molecules. If in the body is introduced a large amount of calories or fat, the remained cells can grow, leading to obesity.

This intervention is suited for abdominal contour modeling, hip, thighs, and waists. In our days it is a common intervention the knee, leg, ankles, and in the jaw area liposuctions. It is not recommended the elimination of more than 3 liters of fat per intervention, because it can cause serious complications.

Liposuction involves the introduction, through incisions of 0.5 cm, of a special metal tube what is connect to a vacuum. In the past they used mechanical or ultrasound guided methodes. But now we use the latest generation technology with vibration,which causes less pain, less bleeding, and can obtain a smoother surface and can reach in hidden areas.

After surgery, a special elastic waistcoat will be weared for a long period.

Liposuction can be done with local anesthesia, but usually is performed under general anesthesia. In this case, is required a hospitalization for one night. After one week, the wires can be removed. Bumps and bruises can appear in the first few weeks after the surgery, but they will disappear in time. The result can be appreciated after 1-2 months, the final result only after half a year.