Is the most widespread intervention of plastic surgery.

These surgical interventions are performed under anesthesia, and depending on this, they can take between 1 and 2,5hours.There is necessary a postoperative monitoring for one day at the hospital. And after 10-14 days, the stitches can be removed. There is necessary to wear a special bra for 4 weeks, and it is recommended to avoid any physical effort.

Breast augmentationtopArrow

Is the most spread aesthetic intervention between plastic surgeries. Breast augmentation is possible by inserting a breast implant, from which results a more aesthetic form.

“The walls of the implants in these days, are silicone. Their surface can be smooth or textured (harsh).
The implants can be filled with physiological serum or silicone gel. The best and the most reliable are those filled with cohesive gel. As about their form, they can be round or anatomically shaped (drop), also both forms have varied profiles (low and high). At a detailed consultation we can choose the right prosthesis and we can realize the wanted shape and size by the patient. ”

The implants can be placed in 3 ways : subglandular, subpectoral (submuscular), and partly subpectoral. The decision is taken in every case particularly, influenced by the shape of the breasts before the surgery, by the size and shape and the form of the mammary gland and by the subcutaneous fat volume (under the skin).

The insertion of the implant can be done in several parts. After proper analysis and proper informing, the patient can choose from the following:

  • Incision made ​​in the inframammary fold
  • Incision made ​​in the axilla
  • Incision made ​​around the areola (periareolar)
  • Incision made ​​in the areola

The incisions are about 3-5 cm, if the scars are beautiful, the incisions will not be observed that quick, but this varies from case to case.

It is important to mention that breast implants have no influence on the lactation in the future.
Further information about how to use in safe implants contain also the Consensus Statement regarding to breast implants of European Committee on Quality Assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery from June 1998 (EQUAM = European Committee on Quality Assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery).

Today, silicone is a basic material and it is used on a large scale. No we don’t have a better alternative. In all of the areas of medicine and surgery, these instruments and implants are required not only for comfort, but sometimes they are used for survival.

  1. Performed studies show further that implants filled with silicone gel don’t cause breast cancer or other malignancies.
  2. We have available scientific and experimental datas, clinical, immunological, epidemiological, which shows that implants filled with silicone gel don’t cause any autoimmune diseases or to the tissue
  3. There are no scientific evidence that there is a phenomenon of allergy to silicone, silicone poisoning or “new silicon disease”. To any implant is a normal reaction to foreign body, but it is an autoimmune disease.
  4. These silicone implants don’t affect any pregnancy or lactation, or child health nursing.
  5. Patients with silicone implants require regular checks and (if it’s necessary) the appropriate checks of the breasts.
  6. Identification tests in laboratory of the silicone don’t have clinical value. So far no anti-bodies have been identified specific to silicone.
  7. According to EQUAM there are necessary functional arrangement, harmonized, special of EU for breast implants. EQUAM accelerates the European states to understand this domain.
  8. EQUAM continuously promote clinical and basic researches for developing breast implants and new technologies.
  9. Press releases objectives are to calm the patients. EQUAM will communicate to the mass-media the latest news and data.

Regensburg, 4 July 1998.

breast-lift (Mastopexy)topArrow

Women breasts can become lowered, fallen after massive weight loss, after childbirth, and lactation, or because of physical characteristics. The tissues elasticity decreases with time, like the atrophy of the mammary gland. Sagging breasts can be corrected by Mastopexy. To chose a proper method, the patient needs a consultation.

If the breasts are less moved (measure of sagging breasts) the incision is made around the areola only, and from here is removed the excess of skin (periareolar mastopexy).

For cases of average ptosis, the scar is around the areola, continued with a vertical one in the medium zone to the inframammary groove, thereby the excess skin can be properly removed (mastopexy with vertical scar – lollipop).

For the severest cases of breast ptosis, is used a method called “backwards T”. Scars will be around the areola, running down vertically to the infra mammary fold, even in this fold, it will be continued transversally.

After surgery, the new forms of the breasts it is sustainable, but after repeated weight loss or weight gain, after birth and breastfeeding, or because of a weak tissue, it might be necessary another intervention.

Breast reductiontopArrow

The causes of large breasts or breast ptosis can be effects of hormonal disorders, hereditary factors and obesity. Very large breasts can cause serious problems for the patient : spine problems, shoulder and back pains, hygiene problems.

In these cases is recommended mammoplasty reduction, namely breast reduction surgery.

The surgery for breast reduction is very similar to the mastopexy surgery, but there is also excised a part of the glandular tissue and fat. Usually is used the “backwards T” method. The incision will be made around the areola, running down vertically to the inframammary fold, even in this fold, it will be continued transversally. After the breast reduction, the shape of the breasts will be durable.


Genetic or hormonal defects , some medication effects, obesity, all can lead to growth of male breasts.

If the glandular tissue volume is increased, it becomes sensible, we can speak palpable about gynecomasty, which can be confirmed by radiological analysis. In this case, the mammary gland will be removed.

If the male breast enlargement was caused by obesity, it can be corrected with liposuction, with good results.

There can appear combinations of both types, and in these cases the intervention will be performed in two parts.

The surgery is effectuated under anesthesia, after that is indicated to wear a elastic vest for a few weeks.